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Flowers For A Cause

The social issue of aging directly concerns all of us and our healthcare stystem is challenged by the increasing number of aging population. We all have a social responsibility to support this vulnerable group. Whenever possible, Florido finds a way to give back to the community. Florido provides non-profit therapeutic programs to seniors aimed at enhancing fine motor skills, a sense of accomplishment, social belonging, leisure repertoire and ultimately the quality of life of seniors through achieving rehabilitative goals. Our creative designer Hana has a professional background in art therapy and therapeutic recreation as well as extensive working experience with seniors.

Horticultural Therapy
1. Provide opportunities for seniors to become engaged in gardening and plant-based activities.
2. Improve seniors’ psychological and spiritual well-being by providing a sense of connection with nature.
3. Improve seniors’ cognitive skills and memory through sensory stimulation.
4. Decrease depressive symptoms and levels of fatigue through stress relief.

Floral Arrangement Art Therapy

1. Plan and facilitate onsite workshops for retirement home or long term care residents who are interested in floral arrangement.
2. Increase a sense of accomplishment and leisure repertoire among seniors through learning new skills and creating arts.
3. Decrease social isolation and depression among seniors through social interactions and group activities.

Program Admission Requirement: Adult Day Programs, Retirement Residences, Long-Term Care Facilities.
Program Size: 15 – 25 clients per workshop.
Program Length: 45 Minutes biweekly.
Wellness Dimensions: Educational, Physical, Psychological, Social.

If you would like to learn more about the ‘Flowers For A Cause’ program offered at Florido, please don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@floridoflowers.ca.

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